Vyrotek Releases First Album. Do we see a Rap-Rock Resurgence?

Vyrotek Releases First Album. Do we see a Rap-Rock Resurgence?

(PRWEB) June 03, 2012

Vyrotek, a rock artist from Philadelphia, PA has been gaining quite a lot of attention in his local area for the style of music he is creating. Utilizing rap into his emotional rock style, it is not hard to separate him from the masses.

After a year of recording, Vyrotek has finished recording his first album and it is scheduled to be released on July, 13 through online music stores only. The album will be a mixture of rap and rock, and will be titled "I'm Just Different." The lyrics play a big role in Vyrotek's emotional style as he goes into many topics including depression, war, teenage violence, and the views of Emerson's "Imitation is Suicide."

"I really don't want to make people pay a lot for this. The songs aren't bad, not at all. It just has more of an Underground experimental rock style, but I was told by critics that the songs are very good," Vyrotek explains to MME.

Despite what ever quality Vyrotek may have, a few insiders have already given praise to a few songs on the album such as "Feeling Alone" which will be one of the 3 upcoming singles to help promote the album. Insiders also reported that, "There are songs on there that are quite different from anything ever heard."

"The recording process has been very tiring but I feel it's 'gonna pay off. I wish I could add more but I feel that this is enough for a first release, I really hope people like it." Vyrotek's influences include Linkin Park, P.O.D, Deftones, Factory 81, and Genuflect (Revielle).

"The album is mostly rap/rock but not like that of my influences but with my own emotional feel, the lyrics are very personal."

There has never been a time where a solo Rap-Rock artist has hit the scene, and Vyrotek may be the one to fill that void.

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Vyrotek Releases First Album. Do we see a Rap-Rock Resurgence?
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