Tall Dark Stranger releases "There It Is"

Tall Dark Stranger releases "There It Is"

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

"I knew it would be good, coming from a great musical heritage, but never realized the breadth & depth that would be waiting for my ears. My musical spectrum has always been pretty wide, but even I am in awe of this music sonically, lyrically, and musically..." - Tony Brown, Producer (Lionel Richie, Steve Earle, Vince Gill), former President MCA/Universal South

Tall Dark Stranger?s "There It Is" brings progressive elements to elementary rock and roll, making for an album full of forward thinking ideas while still sticking to a generally simple structure and conventional rock ideals. Multi-talented Dee Allen displays his love for rock and roll while maintaining an individual style, blending genres that range from new age and R&B to progressive rock. Writing, producing, recording and mixing for this album, "There It Is" is the sum of Allen?s individual musical ventures and ultimately is a very diverse and endlessly ambitious album that never seems repetitive in nature.

There It Is opens with ?Psychic Surgery,? a song powered by ?70s inspired guitar riffs that immediately draw the listener in. The harmonies burst in all the right places throughout the album with the overall sound akin to a meeting of the minds between Boston and Def Leppard. Lyrically, Allen sways from the obvious to the subtle in talking about his muse: ?And I?ll begin to be me when there?s less of me / And more of thee you see / I?m happy to simply be an instrument / In the cosmic symphony,? he sings in ?Psychic Surgery.? ?White Gold,? a bittersweet pop tune, infuses a space-rock atmosphere with new age simplicity. Using long, drawn out sounds and cosmic timbres, Allen creates a lush musical ambience. ?White Gold? exemplifies Allen?s idiosyncratic performance, using elements from genres that are often never even mentioned in the same sentence. Using astronomic lyrical themes that end up revolving around love, these lyrics manage to be completely original while still b eing able to empathize with a large audience. With a musical palette as broad as Allen?s on this album, it undoubtedly appeals to a multitude of listeners.

"There It Is" was produced, recorded, and mixed by Dee Allen at Carpe Noctem Studios and mastered by Ty Tabor at Alien Beans. Guest performances on There It Is include Ty Tabor (King?s X), Josh Henson (Kellie Pickler), Victor Broden (Casting Crowns), Duane Allen (Oak Ridge Boys), and some of Nashville?s most sought-after stage and studio musicians. There It Is will appeal to rock fans who like pop hooks and pop fans who like rock power.

You can learn more about Dee Allen and see his latest show dates on his website at http://www.talldarkstranger.net

If you have any questions, comments or would like to set up an interview don?t hesitate to contact Melissa Zeigler: Melissa(at)powderfingerpromo[dot]com.

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Tall Dark Stranger releases "There It Is"
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