Sananda Maitreya Releases Chapter 2 of His New Project "Return To Zooathalon" - Sex and Insanity Sells! on His Official Website

Sananda Maitreya Releases Chapter 2 of His New Project "Return To Zooathalon" - Sex and Insanity Sells! on His Official Website

Milano, Italy (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

Independent Post Millennium Rock Artist Sananda Maitreya releases 6 new songs from his current new project: RETURN TO ZOOATHALON - Chapter 2 "Sex & Insanity Sells"

Song Selection:
SAVE ME (3:23)
CAMEL (3:18)
JUST GO EASY (04:29)
IF I GO AWAY (03:55)

All songs are written, arranged, produced and performed by Sananda Maitreya.

The project was recorded in Milano, Italy, where the artist has lived with his family since 2002. The new chapter includes a Free Song: "Save Me," available now at

More chapters from RETURN TO ZOOATHALON will follow over the course of time, as in previous works, such as THE SPHINX, NIGOR MORTIS, ANGELS & VAMPIRES.

Please visit the website for full lyrics, credits and chapter stories.

The music is post millennium rock, a music that has to be made. A music that has to be heard.

All videos of the artist, his recent interviews and many of his live concerts and TV performances are available on his official YouTube channel

The previous chapter, RETURN TO ZOOATHALON - Chapter 1 "The Last Train To Houston" was released on March 5th 2012 and contains 6 songs:

The Last Train to Houston (05:25)
Albuquerque (03:37)
Dancing with Mr. Nostalgia (03:26)
Tequila Mockingbird (03:27)
Mr. Gruberschnickel (03:40)
Ornella or Nothing (03:44)


RETURN TO ZOOATHALON (In Production) - Treehouse Publishing - 2012
THE SPHINX - Treehouse Publishing - 2011
THE SPHINX - Instrumentals - Treehouse Publishing - 2011
Confessions of a Zooathaholic - Treehouse Publishing - Live album - 2011
NIGOR MORTIS - Treehouse Publishing - 2009
NIGOR MORTIS - Instrumentals - Treehouse Publishing - 2009
Sign Your Name (Best Of) - Columbia/Sony - 2009
Lovers & Fighters - Treehouse Publishing - Live album - 2008
Camels at the Crossroads - Treehouse Publishing - Live album ? 2008
Influenza in Firenze - Treehouse Publishing - Live album - 2007
ANGELS & VAMPIRES - Volume I & II - Treehouse Publishing - 2007
ANGELS & VAMPIRES - Instrumentals - Treehouse Publishing - 2007
WILDCARD! - THE JOKERS? EDITION - Treehouse Publishing/Sananda - 2003
GREATEST HITS - Columbia/Sony - 2002
?VIBRATOR - CBS/Columbia - 1995
SYMPHONY OR DAMN - CBS/Columbia -1993
THE TOUCH - EARLY WORKS - Polydor ? 1987


SANANDA MAITREYA was born in New York U.S.A. on March 15th 1962. He plays the four basic instruments of Rock: drums, bass, guitar and keyboards; as well as a few others instruments besides and he can never remember a time when music wasn't playing in his head. From the beginning of his professional career he has personally written arranged and produced all his music and has also collaborated with other top artists and producers. He was and remains a fan of all kinds of music and is committed to completing his own unique vision of what music can be as filtered through his own set of circumstances and the truth of his own nature. Sananda started his career as Terence Trent D?Arby, at the age of 33 he became Sananda Maitreya, which is since 2001 both his legal and artistic name. The artist has been a internet presence since the late ?90s and was one of the first major artist to add credibility to the current explosion and acceptance of the internet music communication and di gital world. He believed all along that the Internet would be his path to true musical freedom, without in his words, ?the usual gains and compromises."

He presents his music as POST MILLENNIUM ROCK, its main elements are heart and soul, its nature is passion, courage and curiosity and it acknowledges no rules but the goal to lead the listener back to his heart, to provoke his mind and re-approach him to his true feelings. His vision of Post Millennium Rock is a music free of restrictions and marketing pressures, a music that combines all the genres that the artist loved since his childhood: opera, country, classical, jazz, blues, gospel, pop, reggae as well as Rock!
In the year 2012 he celebrates the 25th anniversary of his first release as a solo artist.

Official Website:
Contact: press(at)SanandaMaitreya(dot)com
Sananda?s writings:
Press Kit:
PS The Press Office requests that the artist is presented exclusively as Sananda Maitreya in all articles, interviews, titles etc. Thank you for the collaboration.
email: press(at)SanandaMaitreya(dot)com

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Sananda Maitreya Releases Chapter 2 of His New Project "Return To Zooathalon" - Sex and Insanity Sells! on His Official Website
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