Preventing Oral Diseases Begins in Pregnancy Claims Author in New eBook

Preventing Oral Diseases Begins in Pregnancy Claims Author in New eBook

Cambelltown, South Australia, Australia (PRWEB) June 25, 2012

The Doctor became excited by confirmed research that a sixteen week foetus can hear what their mother says, especially when singing, and that the foetus learns and creates memories of what is said or sung. He then realized he could help pregnant mothers create foetal memories that would help babies take to a tooth brush like a duckling takes to water. Author, Oral Health Care Educator Dr. Garth Pettit created and now has published a new, Amazon Kindle eBook titled: ?Oral Health Foetus Lessons for Mothers?.

A mother?s ability to create pleasant memories in a foetal brain that will benefit the foetus throughout life is an extraordinary gift unique to a mother. Only mothers can talk to and sing to their foetus to create foetal memories. Creating pleasant foetal memories of smiles, oral health, oral hygiene and oral health care will benefit the foetus in and from childhood when he or she must learn how to actively and continuously prevent common oral disease (tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and stained teeth) for their smiles to shine.

Foetal song memories from ?Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile? will make oral hygiene instructions for tooth brushing fun for mothers and their babies. Included in ?Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile? are two chapters of oral hygiene songs, lyrics by Dr Pettit, for mothers to sing; ?Mouth Painting I Will Go? and ?4 Your Smile 2 Shine?. The lyrics in both songs are instructions for the Doctor?s oral hygiene advice to ?Paint Your Mouth? not ?Brush Your Teeth?, advice he has been proposing successfully since 2002. YouTube links to these songs are:

Visit 4 Video Clip of GarGar The Dentist (Mouth Painting I Will Go):

4 Your Smile 2 Shine Song for Foetus:

Foetal text and animated animal character memories will make it easier for mothers and educators to educate children to prevent oral diseases. ?Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile? includes ten chapters of very light-hearted text recommended by the Author for mothers to speak and describe to their foetus. This text is light chit chat between GarGar The Dentist and his animal friends named the SmileShine Gang. The SmileShine Gang are seven fun filled, kid-friendly animal characters found throughout all chapters and each of the seven characters is an expert in one of the seven important surfaces in a mouth that must be both cleaned and protected; Croc-O-Smile for teeth, PadPaw for gums, Booksie Owl for tongue, Kook-A-Mum and Kooksie for roof of mouth, Ruby Roo for floor of mouth, Grinny Squirrel and Ben Bilbie for inside of cheeks and finally Minnie and Munchie Koalas for inside of lips.

?Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile? may also alert many mothers and their families to knowledge about oral hygiene and oral health care and oral disease prevention that they have never been told.

?Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile? is an abridged version of the Author?s thirteen ?How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? eBooks. These thirteen eBooks were given reviews by D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR:

Donovan?s review for ?Oral Health Foetus Lessons for Mothers? is scheduled to be published in July, 2012:
Recently received, 8 June 2012, is another Five Star Review for How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 1 thru 12 by Cindy Wolfe Boynton, Foreword Clarion Review:
The Author has high expectations for a review in process for Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile by ForeWord Clarion Review.

Quote from
?Listen up : Tiny bones in your foetus?s ears are in place this week, making it likely that the baby can hear your voice when you?re speaking (or singing in the shower) at 16 weeks pregnant. In fact, studies have found that babies who are sung to while they?re in the womb recognize the same tune when it?s sung to them after they are born (so choose your baby Musak with that in mind...).?

Quote from ?All researchers agree on the fact that the foetus is capable of hearing the mother?s voice very clearly due to ?bone conduction?, the fact that the mother?s voice does not travel to the foetus through the air but directly through their mother?s body.??Music is very powerful in producing foetal memories. When the mother frequently listens to music, the foetus will learn to recognize and prefer that same music compared to other music.? The power mothers have to create foetal memories convinced the Author to help mothers in pregnancy by writing this book, ?Oral Health Foetus Lessons for Mothers?.

?Oral Health Foetus Lessons for Mothers?, USD$ 5.95, is available for purchase from either of these links:

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Preventing Oral Diseases Begins in Pregnancy Claims Author in New eBook
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