ELF Learning Launches New Children?s Music CD in U.S. for Classroom and Home; ?Let?s Take a Walk? has Over 2 Million YouTube Views

ELF Learning Launches New Children?s Music CD in U.S. for Classroom and Home; ?Let?s Take a Walk? has Over 2 Million YouTube Views

BIG RAPIDS, MICH. (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

ELF Learning, a children?s learning materials company based in Japan, announced today the release of its first children?s music album in the U.S. market. Just in time for summer, ?Let?s Take a Walk? audio CD provides fun, foot-stomping, easy-to-sing music for children ages 0 to 9.

Created by parents and teachers, ?Let?s Take a Walk? is a fun collection of songs for kids, parents and teachers in the classroom, at home or on the go! From slower melodies for younger children to energetic, stomp-and-dance tracks, there's a little something for everyone.

The 18-song set covers basic concepts and themes such as Greetings (Hello and Goodbye), Numbers, Colors, Body Parts, Animals, Actions, Family, Daily Activities and Phonics. It also includes a great Clean Up song with a bouncy Caribbean rhythm that gets kids moving FAST!

?Let?s Take a Walk? incorporates vocals and acoustic guitar along with different music genres and instrumentation to expose children to different styles of music in a fun way. All the songs were recorded and produced by professionals and feature session musicians.

There are slow and fast versions of several tracks, which allow children to ?graduate? from one track to another. Favorite tracks include: ?0 5 10 (Fast),? ?Walk Around the Farm,? ?This is ME! (Fast),? ?Clean Up? and ?Can an Elephant Jump?? Free karaoke versions of the songs are available on ELF's Website.

The album is available as a CD or for download from CDBaby.com or ELF Learning. Accompanying animated videos are also available on YouTube, where they have received more than 2 million views.

?We have been creating original educational materials for children learning English for more than 10 years,? said Eric Kane, founder of ELF Learning and E English House and a native of Michigan. ?Our goal is to create materials suitable for the home and the classroom that challenge and inspire children to learn with a smile! As teachers and parents, we created ?Let?s Take a Walk,? to bring a little more joy and fun to children's lives. Our goal is to help children, teachers and parents around the world to sing, dance, laugh and learn!?

For physical CDs, shipping is available from the U.S. or from Japan.

Original release date: June 15, 2011
U.S. release date: June 15, 2012
Label: ELF Learning
Number of discs: 1
Bar Code No.: 885767691582
CD Album Price: $ 14.99
Download Price: $ 10.99
Availability: CD or Download for computers, smartphones and portable Internet devices
Web site: http://www.elflearning.jp/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/elflearning
YouTube: http://youtube.com/omigrad
Shipping: Available from the U.S. or Japan.

About ELF Learning

Everyone Loves Fun! Learning provides easy-to-use educational materials, songs and videos for children around the world. Our goal is to help teachers and parents guide young learners towards a life-long love of language and learning at school and at home. Products include multi-media videos, songs, flash cards, posters, games, CDs and other learning materials. ELF Learning services are a division of E English House and are based on 20 years of teaching and research in early childhood development and English as a Second Language. ELF Learning animated videos are a hit on YouTube with more than 10 million views. Learn more at http://www.elflearning.jp.

Advance Praise for ?Let?s Take a Walk?

"Simple lyrics, lively music and the topics that all the children love!"
MARI NAKAMURA, prolific writer of children?s textbooks and picture books including
English Land and Doraemon Hajimeteno Eigojiten, an English dictionary for children.

"The rousing rhythms and harmonies on this CD will light up the room with laughter and learning!"
KIM HORNE, Director of Curriculum and Training at Izumi Chuo Kindergarten

"A confession. I have no musical ability and find it extremely difficult to keep any kind of rhythm...Perhaps there are other teachers out there who like myself have been hiding their impediment and avoiding public situations where one has to carry a tune and rhythm. Well, I have to tell you that all is not lost and that a great new resource is now available so "Let's Take A Walk." That is the title is of a new creation from EFL Learning? If you want to give your young charges a love of music and song, then this is an ideal starting place."
DAVID LISGO, ESL Teacher and Materials Creator

"As a father of two young children growing up in a bi-cultural household, music like this I think is great for my kids' development as bilingual children. Plus, it's fun, too. Great for Saturday mornings in the house whilst cooking pancakes, rides out in the car, or outside on the balcony when we have the little kids? pool out in the summer.

For teaching, I can see these being used in a number of ways in the classroom. Reinforcing language, marking transitions between one activity and another, as a classroom management tool, "thinking music" for the kids to listen to whilst doing craft or writing activities, or to start and end the class. Highly Recommended."
STEVE KING, International Marketing Manager, National Geographic Learning
CDBaby.com Review

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ELF Learning Launches New Children?s Music CD in U.S. for Classroom and Home; ?Let?s Take a Walk? has Over 2 Million YouTube Views
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