Teen Sensation Ryan Beatty Announces Debut EP ?Because Of You?

Teen Sensation Ryan Beatty Announces Debut EP ?Because Of You?

Los Angeles (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Ryan Beatty, the 16-year-old singing sensation who built a worldwide following with nearly 30 million views on YouTube, is set to release his debut EP ?Because of You? on July 24th. In celebration of the EP release, Beatty will hold a concert at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on July 17th featuring teen pop group - Cimorelli.

On this EP, the young singer/songwriter shows off his incredibly smooth and intuitive soulful voice, exhibiting a natural ability to deliver emotional and expressive lyrics that quickly capture listeners of all ages. His distinct musical style combines an acoustic sound, mixed with modern old-school edge and adds in real instruments for upbeat tempos.

?This is my gift to the fans that have been supporting me over the last year. I have taken my time in the studio to make it just right and put all I have into every song because it is what they deserve. That is why I titled my debut EP ?Because of You,?- without them, I wouldn?t have an EP to release,? says Beatty.

Off the EP, fans will get a peek at what is to come for the artist?s full album later this year. The EP will feature all original tracks co-written by Beatty. One of the highly anticipated releases is "Like Me or Not," co-written by Beatty, John Fields and legendary multi-platinum Grammy-nominated songwriter Shelly Peiken, best known for her work on Christina Aguilera?s #1 hits. The track is a heartfelt and sincere song which gives Beatty the opportunity to explore the deeper and richer parts of his voice and delivery, setting the tone for what fans will hear on his debut album.

?Working with top artists over the years, I have seen what it takes to create great music with a unique sound. At 16-years-old, Ryan can capture a room with his voice alone. When he sings, you can feel what's in his heart, that is rare to find these days,? says Scott "DJ Skee" Keeney, Executive Producer and Founder/CEO of Skee.TV.

In the last year Beatty has become one of the most anticipated new artists in the music industry and released his first single "Every Little Thing" on iTunes, which quickly skyrocketed to #56 on the Pop Charts. His debut music video premiered on RyanSeacrest.com, receiving incredible support from Ryan Seacrest, as he has taken notice of the young star?s unique talent. Popstar! Magazine named him one of the top acts to look out for in 2012 and Billboard featured him as #10 on the Next Big Sound chart featuring the fastest growing artists online. His gifted vocal skills and outstanding live performances have proven that Beatty is an exceptionally talented artist around the world.

About Ryan Beatty
Ryan Beatty, the 16-year-old singer/songwriter from Clovis, CA, has built an uncanny following and buzz within the entertainment industry as its newest breakout star, with nearly 30 million views on YouTube since 2011. His debut single "Every Little Thing" hit iTunes in November 2011 and quickly skyrocketed to #56 on the Pop Charts in less than 24 hours.

The Teen Choice Award nominee was named by Popstar! Magazine as one of the top acts to look out for in 2012 and featured as #10 on Billboard?s Next Big Sound chart. Gaining quick recognition worldwide, Beatty was selected as one of four US teens to tour China this March with vocal producer Nick Cooper, performing on the top entertainment network.

Beatty is managed by OcSkee Entertainment, a partnership of radio executive Gary Bernstein and DJ Skee. For additional information about Ryan Beatty, including links to his tracks, photos and videos, visit http://www.TheRyanBeatty.com.

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Teen Sensation Ryan Beatty Announces Debut EP ?Because Of You?
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