Sheaam Deen and Graceanne Parks Hit The Top In The Music Video Charts

Sheaam Deen and Graceanne Parks Hit The Top In The Music Video Charts

(PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Sheaam Deen Takes First Place With Titanium In The BEAT100 Music Charts.

The Sri Lanka based singer Sheaam Deen has impressed the BEAT100 users this week with his own rendition of ?Titanium? by David Guetta ft. Sia. Deen has taken a completely different approach when recording the well-known dance track by leaving his beautiful vocals to carry the song with the support of piano and strings. When musicians cover a popular song like ?Titanium?, they often tend to stick to a similar sound to the original. However, Deen has successfully proved that this doesn?t always have to be the case. The simple yet creative cover immediately captures the attention of viewers and allows listeners to focus more on the lyrics and meaning behind the song rather than just a catchy dance beat.

Deen released a statement about his victory, stating: ?Beat100 has given both me and other musicians the ability to showcase their talents and abilities. Unlike other sites, Beat100 has lived up to all its promises and also lets musicians from all over the world interact with each other. The experience thus far has been brilliant and I have my sight set on being a part of the Beat100 family for a very long time.?

BEAT100 saw entries from all over the globe last week with a New Zealand based pop rock band, The Make Believe, taking third place with their original song ?Give It A Million?. The band received three BEAT100 Gold Awards for their well-written original song, impressive video and for being a personal favourite here at BEAT100.

The pop rock sensations missed out ever so slightly on first place falling short by only eight votes. With just under 14,000 views on their Beat100 Music Video, The Make Believe have proved themselves to be an up-and-coming band with over 17,000 dedicated and supportive fans on their Facebook page. Mike Lake, Tyler Vivian and Matt Andrews are currently recording and performing around the globe promoting and preparing their fans for a new album. You can buy their track ?Give It A Million? on iTunes by following the link given in the description on their BEAT100 video.

In third place, the young teen sensations Fusion Beat from Orange County have displayed their talents in the BEAT100 Weekly Music Chart with their original song ?Gimme?. The teens were awarded two BEAT100 Gold Awards for their impressive song and video and have persistently promoted the track to the public allowing them to finish with 516 votes and 4,640 views.

Fusion Beat are well-known for their generosity and charitable efforts to the community as they have already raised thousands of dollars for children?s cancer, brain injuries and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The young stars have recently performed at high profile venues such as The House of Blues and Angels Stadium.?Beat100 has been an amazing experience and a great opportunity to network with other musicians?, says Fusion Beat

Graceanne Parks Herself Firmly In First Place in the Music Charts.

The tenacious Graceanne Parks has managed to top the first ever BEAT100 Weekly Music Video Chart with her original song, ?Places Unknown?. The 18-year-old singer/songwriter uploaded a simplistic video of herself displaying her beautiful vocal abilities whilst accompanying herself on acoustic guitar. The video was awarded a Bronze Song Award by BEAT100 when it was uploaded by Graceanne, who has persistently promoted her video on BEAT100, Facebook and Twitter. The singer found herself in a head-to-head battle with Cimorelli, but her consistent posts and eager fans have helped her to maintain the number one spot throughout the week with victory as a result.

The Demi Lovato inspired teen told BEAT100, ?I came across many girls who hated themselves. It turned my world upside down and I knew what immense power music could have so I decided to put their confused thoughts into lyrics.?

For Graceanne?s very first video upload onto BEAT100, she has successfully wowed the users with an impressive 1,380 votes and 23,840 views in just 40 days. With aspirations to inspire the current generation with her music, Graceanne will be attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to study songwriting this coming September.

The up-and-coming girl band, Cimorelli, came in second place with their new debut single ?Million Bucks? which climbed to second place in just one day. Only just falling short of first place, the six sisters were awarded three gold awards by the BEAT100 team for their original song, eye-catching video and the ultimate BEAT100 favourite award.

The sister?s range in ages from Dani (11) to Christina (21), yet all share the same passion for performing. The girls display their fantastic dancing and vocal abilities in ?Million Bucks? as they work with professional choreographer, Richard Jackson, in the video.

Ben Bennett (17) has once again found himself in the Top 3 of the BEAT100 Music Video Charts after placing third this week. The ?Beautiful Girl? singer placed second last week with his rendition of Ed Sheeran?s ?Kiss Me?. The young heartthrob appears to have a large following of fans that continuously vote and post comments on each upload.

Bennett?s combination of a beautiful beach setting and his velvet voice immediately sends teenage girls into a trance as he accompanies himself on acoustic guitar. The singer, commonly referred to as ?Bowtie Ben?, recently finished in the Top 6 in Delta Goodrem?s team on The Voice: Australia.

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Sheaam Deen and Graceanne Parks Hit The Top In The Music Video Charts
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