Roadside Assistance is Now Something that is Offered Free of Charge

Roadside Assistance is Now Something that is Offered Free of Charge

(PRWEB) August 23, 2012

Upcoming independent duo from Maryland is now offering Roadside Assistance free of charge. Going back to the roots of uplifting hip-hop music, W.A.G.E used the idea of automotive roadside assistance to make music full of inspiration, selflessness, and hope.

Automotive roadside assistance is called on when a driver experiences any mechanical problems that may prevent further movement. Being stuck on the side of the road can be frustrating, especially when you to have to be somewhere. The duo used a similar approach, but instead their assistance applies to those on the side of the road headed towards success.

In this world everybody strives to be successful, but a lot of times have to travel this road alone. This project is the necessary motivation to help individuals complete their journeys.

A month after releasing their uplifting single for classy women "Detention." W.A.G.E keeps the ball rolling with more inspirational material. The sounds that helped create this material was provided by upcoming producers DJ Samy and the Baltimore Beat Kingz. They linked up with vocalist Kenny Bones from a local progressive metal band In Fate We Trust. Together they meshed hip-hop and metal rock to create a unifying song " Strength of a Crowd." The inspiration continues with the theme of the project that reminds the listeners to keep striving and remain patient. For those that are spiritual, it is an understanding that success isn't possible without blessings. W.A.G.E closed off the project with "Benediction" where they seek testimonies of those who made it through the trials and tribulations.

The significance of this mixtape is that it contains absolutely no explicit content. It is intended to reach a wider audience and be heard by people of all ages. W.A.G.E hopes that listeners will apply these lyrics to achieving their goals.

The mixtape "Roadside Assistance is available for download on their website( Another source to W.A.G.E music is on their Android mobile app available for free download on Google Play ( Check it out and become assisted!

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Roadside Assistance is Now Something that is Offered Free of Charge
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