New Lyrics Website, "" Turns Rap Music into Poetry

New Lyrics Website, "" Turns Rap Music into Poetry

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 30, 2012

Imagine if your favorite rap stars spoke in language your parents could understand. That?s the theory behind Crackerize, a fun site that re-imagines rap lyrics as ?plain English.? The site encourages users to Crackerize their favorite rap songs, with other users voting on their favorite ?cracks.?

One user, in rewriting Nelly?s hit #1, changed the lyrics ?I am number one; no matter if you like it; Here, take it, sit down and write it? to, ?I am number one within the rap community; Please sit down and deal with it.? The lyrics, ?You out of your brains, thinkin? I?ma shout out your name? are cracked into the plain English lyrics, ?You?re absolutely bonkers if you think I?m going to give you a public shout-out.?

Upon visiting, users are given simple, three-step instructions. Translate rap lyrics into English, earn points, and win prizes. Prizes haven?t been set up yet but in the future, the site promises to begin doling out rewards for those who have the most points. Users will earn ten points simply for registering, at which point they will begin competing with the site?s most active users.

Users receive ten points for simply submitting a crack, which is a fun way to express creativity. A user doesn?t have to create cracks to earn points. Users can earn points by reading through all the other cracks on the site, voting on favorites, and commenting. Even posting a status update will earn a user a point, as will successfully ?friending? another user.

Since the site is new, users have the opportunity to get involved in the site in the beginning, before many of today?s most popular raps have been cracked.

Even the titles are hilarious. On Crackerize, Scarface?s I Seen a Man Die becomes I Watched as a Man Passed Away. Flo Rida?s hit song Wild Ones becomes Individuals with Loose Morals. And Jay-Z?s Hard Knock Life becomes Adversity for the Disadvantaged.

The site doesn?t limit users to lyrics. Users can upload videos for points, allowing them to rap out alternative versions to their favorite rap songs. It?s an additional way to interact with other users, encouraging comments about your hard work and earning more points.

Visitors to can choose to browse top cracks, see all cracks, or follow the activity stream. By keeping up with the status updates of other users, you?ll be able to easily find new cracks as they?re posted, as well as keep up with what other members think.

Membership at is completely free. It?s a great way to express love?or disdain?for rap lyrics while meeting new people and having a great time. By earning points toward future prizes, users can show off their creativity and inspire friendly competition.

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New Lyrics Website, "" Turns Rap Music into Poetry
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