New Children?s Book is Steeped in African Cultural-Religious Dynamic

New Children?s Book is Steeped in African Cultural-Religious Dynamic

Abuja, Nigeria (PRWEB) July 19, 2012

Great ideas, exploits and meaningful contributions for positive impact on society will ultimately avail naught to coming generations if there is no proper documentation. Author Ikechukwu Ralph Izuora therefore delights so much in being a creative writer because writing and other forms of art have consistently served humanity as this means of documentation and perpetuation of characters, cultures and belief systems. Yet he serves this in a non-traditional way by being a master storyteller whose audience are the young. In his Dazzle-kids Book of Nursery Rhymes and Poems series, he serves his creative motto very well and in a most special Christian manner.

Ikechukwu operates within an iconic system of belief and communication. His picture book is richly African and steeped in the cultural and religious dynamics of the African continent. What he achieves is a legacy work that should be treasured as both keepsake and cultural experience by the young.

The verses themselves have the rhythmic effect of percussive music. In the African tradition, Ikechukwu?s poetry is cadenced, lyrical, and creates an atmosphere of communication with the Divine just by the effects of humming meditative zen-like alliterations. Thus, it gives the added bonus of the element of worship for children ? and it is a thing most appealing to their still-undeveloped capacity to philosophize. The best kind of worship, though, requires not much more than an open heart and good faith, and this Ikechukwu knows is the best way to lead children into an ancient and valuable path to wisdom.

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About the Author
Ikechukwu Ralph Izuora is a highly inspired Professor of JOYOUS CONTENT in PSALMS with newness ingenuity from a dazzling inspiration discipline: ?DAZZLESPIRATIONAL AWARENESS PHILOSOPHY? ( He is a child of God who had passed through the thick and thin wilderness of life before submitting himself finally to embarking on the onerous but worthy task of Gospel evangelism in order to satisfy the Will of God for his life as a GIFT OF JOY. Ikechukwu who is popularly known as eyeKINGdazzle hails from Odoje village, Onitsha, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Computer Science, a Statistician and Educationist. Ikechukwu is richly endowed with the rarest kind of talent encompassing joyous content music, poetry, composition, song-writing, power of imagination and expression, authoring, sports, teaching, counseling and playing of musical instruments. He is the Founder/Mission Principal of JOYOUS MUSIC ALTRUISTIC MISSION (JMAM). JMAM is the first Altruistic Music Mission in Nigeria for promoting SERVICE USER INCLUSION ( He is joyously married and blessed with four dazzleKIDS: Nnaemeka - NiNi YMK; Chibogu ? Chio; Ifechukwu ? Ifee and Chukwuma - ChuChu). Beyond being a Professor and Sharer of joyous content in Psalms, Ikechukwu is a Professional Teacher certified by the Teachers? Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

Dazzle-Kids Book Of Nursery Rhymes and Poems * by Ikechukwu Ralph Izuora
Book Of Nursery Rhymes and Poems
Publication Date: May 30, 2012
Picture Book;

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New Children?s Book is Steeped in African Cultural-Religious Dynamic
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