Musician Dave Giles Wins The BEAT100 Music Video Charts With A Staggering 1,755 votes

Musician Dave Giles Wins The BEAT100 Music Video Charts With A Staggering 1,755 votes

(PRWEB) July 02, 2012

Well what an exciting month it has been on Beat100. This month broke all records for votes and videos and we?re really excited to announce the winners of the Beat100 music charts!

In first place we see Dave Giles returning for his second consecutive victory; with yet another hilarious, sing along, song ?Confessions of a Face book Stalker?. Dave Giles has definitely found a new home on Beat100 and managed to storm the charts two months running; with a staggering 1,755 votes and over 10,000 video views.

Dave is a truly unique artist who blends comedy and music seamlessly; he?s enigmatic, he?s talented and he?s frantically funny! His last entry to the charts ?Bangarang? was a hilarious parody of growing up with a distinctly summer vibe. This month he returned with a live performance that is even funnier and deals with our love affair with Face book and the weird things we get up to on it! Dave has a serious talent for subverting our expectations and presenting an often oddball out take on life that many of us can relate to. With lyrics like ?It really is hard not to give you a poke? and ?I hate it when you?re tagged with some other bloke? it?s easy to see how this song strikes a chord with everyone and how it tickles your funny bone.

Musically Dave Giles is incredibly talented and his laid back indie style is perfect for his comedy styling. The band and Dave are clearly having such a good time and Dave?s on stage persona is enigmatic, vibrant and fun. It?s great to see an artist so clearly enjoying himself and it only adds to the music. At the end of the day this is a comedy masterpiece that plays cleverly and astutely on our relationship to Facebook. However, it?s also a song about love, lust and rejection and this contrast that Dave manages to bring to his performances and music is where his real brilliance lies. He is both serious and funny and has a boundless capacity to make us laugh and to entertain.

In second place we saw a very different act from up and coming rapper Adam G with his pick me up, life affirming song ?Think About It?. Adam G is an incredibly refreshing rapper who avoids the pitfalls of the industry and the genre expertly. His entry to the music video charts is a gentle rap song that focuses on making the most of your life through challenge and personal struggle. His ?not in your face? style and frequent appeals to common sense create a unique personality and atmosphere to his songs and give him a distinct edge over more mainstream alternatives. His lyrics are all about personal challenge and being the best person you can for yourself; they are artistic, clever, funny and emotional all at the same time and allow him to really bring something special to his music.

Finally, in third place we saw Auriemma with his solo indie song ?In With?. Auriemma?s lyrical and musical style reminds us of early Blur and Oasis and there?s a distinctly Brit pop/ Indie vibe to his music. However, he adds something more with a clever use of synth effects, some clear folk influences and unique lyrics with wide appeal. As a one man band he shows incredible talent and we can?t wait to hear more.

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Musician Dave Giles Wins The BEAT100 Music Video Charts With A Staggering 1,755 votes
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