Muse?s ?Survival? Being Challenged by Big Hit Buda?s ?Heart of a Champion?

Muse?s ?Survival? Being Challenged by Big Hit Buda?s ?Heart of a Champion?

(PRWEB UK) 24 July 2012

In the spirit of this summer?s competition, up and coming artist, Big Hit Buda, delivers a powerful and unique song that embodies what it takes to be a champion. The lyrics in this hot new beat energize and drive you to go beyond your limits.

The song ?Heart of a Champion? is performed by Big Hit Buda and features vocals by Vanessa Jordan. It fuses Hip-Hop, Rock and Soul music to fuel the drive towards success. Buda?s determined voice barrels down the track alongside uplifting vocals, and a screaming guitar that intensifies this song.
Big Hit Buda stated, ?I feel that Muse?s ?Survival? lacks the fire that really drives a champion.? Buda continued, ?Whether you are an athlete, mountain climber, fire fighter, or even a school teacher, ?Heart of a Champion? inspires you to rise to the occasion and give 110% effort. The song really ignites that competitive desire in everyone.?

Here?s what a few YouTube viewers have had to say about ?Heart of a Champion?:

Wow! Awesome song, man! It?s not only head bobbingly cool, but your words were very encouraging. The video was awesome as well. Great job Buda!

Heart of a Champion is HOT!! It makes me want to get off the couch and hit the gym!

?Heart of a Champion? might not be the ?official song?, but it?s should be pretty obvious after listening to this track that Big Hit Buda has created a championship sound.

Big Hit Buda invites you to download ?Heart of a Champion? and watch the song?s video.
The mp3 download and music video can be found at:
?Heart of a Champion? was produced by: Shawn Til Dawn and Erik Nelson for Til Dawn Productions. The track is off Big Hit Buda?s debut CD: ?Victorious Underdog?.

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Muse?s ?Survival? Being Challenged by Big Hit Buda?s ?Heart of a Champion?
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