Kae-Z, Boston?s Newly Recognized Hip-Hop Artist Records 1st Official Video

Kae-Z, Boston?s Newly Recognized Hip-Hop Artist Records 1st Official Video

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

Kae-Z, who?s creative with his lyrics and engineers most of his own music, released a 16 song mix-tape in early July of 2012. The mix-tape included the ?Never Fall Off? song and as a result, has generated traffic to his webpage, http://www.youknowkz.com. Subsequently, he began working on the video shoot for the song to provide a visual performance of his abilities with the support of CLo Stacks, who filmed and edited the video and Mazey Maze, who directed it.

?The Never Fall Off video project was very exciting for me, the initial setting was suppose to take place as a house party along with street scenes, after many thoughts in the preparation process, we decided to use a boat scene and film the video in Quincy, Massachusetts instead,? said Kae-Z. ?The song had more of a summertime feel, so JuJuBMusic and I coordinated so that it would take place on a sunny day, therefore, the cameras were set and we began to sing, realizing that this could be the beginning of new and potentially rewarding opportunities.?

Kae-Z has been performing with his cousin, ?Juju B Music", and has featured him on several of his songs as well. Kae-Z?s hope is to further expand his distinctive style of music nationwide. Those who attended his last performance, when he opened for Cassidy at Club Whiplash, anticipate on attending future events. His expectation is to spark the next generational wave of hip-hop music. Kae-Z?s inspiration comes from lyrical rappers such as Nas, Jay-Z, Drake, Joe Buddens as well as other new rappers in the industry, such as SwaggaBoyLos and J.Cole.

?Kae-Z?s ambition is to progress as an additional talented artist in the hip-hop industry as well as to represent a premier Music Production Company where he would not only be acknowledged for his aptitude, but become an additional value to the company that produces his music,? added Kae-Z?s Managing Director, Jose Cirino.

Should you wish to see Kae-Z?s new ?Never Fall Off? video click here: (http://bit.ly/QLhX3x). If you would like to listen to his mix-tape sound tracks, book a performance event, or just have questions and/or comments, please feel free to visit Kae-Z?s webpage at http://www.YouKnowKz.com.

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Kae-Z, Boston?s Newly Recognized Hip-Hop Artist Records 1st Official Video
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