Jenny McCarthy Oozes Sex Appeal In Video With Bill Zucker

Jenny McCarthy Oozes Sex Appeal In Video With Bill Zucker

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

May 16 -- The official music video world premiere for U.S. singer-actor-comedian Bill Zucker's new single "Half the Man" launched today and features former Playboy model, actress and television presenter Jenny Mc Carthy as his love interest.

'Half the Man," an original song written by Bill Zucker is off a highly anticipated album he will be releasing later this year. The short itself was filmed on location in California and closely reflects lyrics that center around a guy (Zucker), trying to accept that the he can't be with the girl he dated (McCarthy) who ended their relationship. There are emotionally charged scenes of Zucker trying to get over the broken relationship but realising that every woman he is with reminds him of the vulnerable and sexually-charged woman portrayed by Jenny McCarthy that he has lost.

It is the first time that Jenny Mc Carthy has appeared in a music video and was the first and only choice for Zucker who had to halt production for several weeks until both their heavy film and television schedules allowed them to work on the shoot together.

"Jenny McCarthy is one of the most kind and genuine people that I have ever met and has become a good friend," Bill said. "She just oozes sex appeal and class and I enjoyed every single minute of working with her," he added jokingly.

Bill Zucker's initiation into show business began when aged 9 he performed piano recitals in public in his hometown of Springfield in Massachusetts. Since then he has written, recorded and performed hundreds of songs with a brilliant career, that when fast-forwarded to the present day, has him living in Hollywood and recording music, co-starring in television shows with people like Kelsey Grammer and Gene Simmons and acting and producing big screen blockbusters with the rest of the Zucker family!

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Jenny McCarthy Oozes Sex Appeal In Video With Bill Zucker
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