Frisco Vocal Teacher Snags 2012 Downbeat Mag Award

Frisco Vocal Teacher Snags 2012 Downbeat Mag Award

Frisco, Texas (PRWEB) June 29, 2012

Mr. Trenton Hull, a member of the Vocal Faculty at the Frisco School of Music, has been named the 2012 DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE UNDERGRADUATE JAZZ SOLOIST OF THE YEAR.

Mr. Hull is an accomplished vocalist and jazz musician. He found out about the competition through the University of North Texas Music Department, and submitted his entry, along with many other musicians.

To enter the Contest, contestants upload two songs (about 10 minutes of music) via Downbeat Magazine's website. He chose Hidden Jewel (by Elling, transcribed) and Medicin (original). Both feature Trenton Hull on vocals, with piano, bass and drums.

So, how do you write a song, anyway? What comes first?the music or the lyrics?

?For the original song, I came up with the bass line one night, in a deliberate effort to write something for my senior recital. After I had the bass line, I came up with the structure of the chorus- something I was quite pleased with. The lyrics took a lot longer to nail down. I wanted to write about something important to me, so I ended up writing about the father of my two very close friends from St. Louis where I grew up. He has been very sick for the past year or so, and the lyrics I wrote were really just about my own thoughts and fears about his illness?, says Hull.

The live recordings were made at Mr. Hulls Senior Recital at UNT. ?It was kind of nerve racking, because there were definitely some parts that were not perfect, but I was ultimately happy with the recordings, and I hoped that the judges would be too.

Other musicians who played on the recordings were: Addison Frei on piano, Andy Greatorex on bass, and Duran Ritz on drums. ?It wasn't easy music, but they nailed it. Also, Sean Jones deserves a lot of credit for doing the actual recording mix. He did a great job mixing afterwards to make sure the recording matched the way it sounded in the recital hall.?

Trenton?s personal goals this year are to perform at many jazz festivals to grow his performance exposure, plus focus on teaching. This prestigious award will open doors in the future. ?My advice to my students of other budding musicians/composers is this: Don't be afraid to do something different, really push yourself to make the music that only you can make. I wasn't sure how it would turn out when I took this approach, but I was rewarded in the end.?

Frisco School of Music is located on Preston Road at Main Street. Call their Music Desk to find out more about lessons for all instruments at 214.436.4058.

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Frisco Vocal Teacher Snags 2012 Downbeat Mag Award
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