Autobiography Offers Personal Story of Perseverance

Autobiography Offers Personal Story of Perseverance

Edmonton, Alberta (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

Gabriela A. Folgar de Shea?s new autobiography ?Angels Along My Path of Thorns: An Autobiography? (published by Trafford Publishing) shows how difficulties can be overcome through steely resolve to survive and succeed.

Folgar de Shea?s childhood and adolescence were difficult, the result of living as part of a dysfunctional family and being the victim of the actions of a psychopathic criminal. Examining with startling personal clarity the issues of child neglect, abuse, survival, success and forgiveness, this book offers readers an emotional reading experience.

Two excerpts from ?Angels Along My Path of Thorns?:

?I have to destroy this monster. Nobody else can do it. I will destroy him with my own hands. He has to suffer as I have suffered. I just have to think of a plan.?

?I?ve to get out of this house as soon as possible. Ah God, oh Lord, please help me. Speed my healing. I?ll do anything it takes to show him I will succeed. I will show you father, I will show you.?

Set in 1960s Guatemala, filled with maps, photos and song lyrics, ?Angels Along My Path of Thorns? is available now at major online booksellers.

About the Author
Gabriela A. Folgar de Shea was born educated in Guatemala. She became a primary school teacher in 1967 and taught in Livingston, Guatemala until she immigrated to Canada in 1974. In Canada, she started over and worked as a waitress and retail sales clerk until her English was perfected, permitting her to enter professional life once again. For the past 19 years Folgar de Shea has worked first as a family resource worker and later as a social worker for the City of Edmonton.

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Autobiography Offers Personal Story of Perseverance
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